Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It was a great day!

Today was a good slow day. Little Miss and I got off to a slow start. Slept in a little long. We still had a nice day. We walked to the mail box, with out sunglasses. She has this thing with the sun lately, so we are working on it. I also got some housework and home errands done today. Then i made some fresh squeezed lemoaide and with the pulp i made lemon ice. Perfect for water with lemon slices...my NEW FAVORITE!!!

I also made tuna for lunch for my dad and I and Little Miss had a "cheese grilled sandwich" haha! Now we have turkey legs cooking and my dad is teaching me a family recipe for turkey and saffron rice. Its one of my favorite dishes.

Don't know if i mentioned it before but we are moving out of my parents place REALLY soon. We found a smaller place at the same complex we were at and we have it all paid for, we are just waiting for the old tenants to move out so we can move in!!! Im so happy that it didnt take long to save for our place. :)

'Till next time...

Try this Tuesdays!!

Sorry for being MIA...i'm still around...just hit a road bump. :)

Try It Tuesdays!!

For our second round we have this very helpful post from over at Prudent Baby for a twin duvet cover.
After the move we are moving Little Miss back into her twin bed, and re-doing her room, so she will need a new blanket. :)

'Till next time... 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little help from the "experts"

I am in no way a "BIG TIME BLOGGER" at this moment in time.
But there are very many out there that I "look up to", I guess you can say.

A few days ago Bethany and I were talking about my future moving and refurnishing plans.
When the husband and I moved out of our last place with his dad, 
we decided to give away most of our kitchen contents.
Meaning, dishes, most cups, silverware, pots and pans.
We did this because we were anticipating buy all over again.

MEANING: I get to thrift EVERYTHING!!!

This is where I look to my "BLOG EXPERTS"

Enter Amanda from Here's Looking at me Kid...and her apartment therapy article!!

My favorite tips: 
  • Be picky! This is your dream collection. Don't just buy something because it's on clearance or because it's a steal at the thrift store. Think to yourself, "Tomorrow, will I regret not having purchased this?" If the answer is an honest "yes", then I would say, go for it!
  • Become a regular thrifter. I've found most of my new collection at local thrift stores. After I cleaned them vigorously, they made quite the charming addition to my quirky family of dishes. Also, if I find something new that I can't live without, it's not difficult to relinquish the inexpensive older items to make room for the new ones.

Wish me luck!!

'Till next time... 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Try this Tuesdays!!

I wanna start a new feature on the blog here. 

Try this Tuesdays!

It's pretty easy...every Tuesday i'll show you a tutorial around blog that that I have found that I want to do. Chances are it will have A LOT to do with decor and baby stuff right now, but that will change over time...maybe. ;)

For our first round we have these SUPER CUTE T-Shirt Pompoms!!
You can find the tutorial over at Craftaholics Anonymous.

These babies make a really cute front door decoration, 
but I'm thinking LITTLE GIRLS ROOM!!

'Till next time... 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 Things I Love - House Inspiration!

So this round of 10 things is really fun for me to do today.
The hubby and I have just decided on a potential apartment complex and moving date!!
Right now we are staying with my parents so we can save for a place of our own.
After being laid off for two years, due to the economy, we has a GREAT job and things are finally looking up!

Well, enough chit-chat...lets get to the PICTURES!!!

1. Bright and fun shared space. Playroom and craftroom!!

source unknown

 2. Fun counter display of fresh fruits and herbs. I wanna start an herb garden!!


3. Simple Kitchen. LOVE THE FRIDGE DECALS!


4. I'm in LOVE with this kitchen table!


5. Cutest craft closet EVER!!


6. I love the paper mobile type things behind the headboard!


7. Simple yet efficient craft space.


8. These cute little girls rooms. Little Miss likes the top left!


9. Cute little girl's bed...loving the quilt!!


10. I lust LOVE the colors in this little girl's room!!


'Till next time...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

All bad...

I don't know why I did it, but I did.
I joined Gilt Groupe
All thanks to seeing the AMAZING scores Miss James over at Bleu Bird Vintage has found.

You know what...
This is ALL BAD on the wallet! haha.
They have some REALLY good deals on lots of different things.
Right now they have AMAZING bamboo kitchen stuff on sale.
For those that don't know. We are between apartments right now and in the process of moving we decided to ditch all our old college/ hand-me-down stuff and start out all new.

Man, I wish payday was here already!
I hope i can talk the hubby into getting a few of these. :)
Take a look.

Ahh! I'm in love!
Now off to drool over more stuff!

'Till next time...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A little about me.

So here is a little background behind the idea of my blog name.
Simply put I have always have a love for the idea of the 1950's housewife. 
The clothes, the way she could bake anything, always kept a nice house, made the clothes,etc...
I love it all!

I have a hard time sticking to plan of action and following through. 
But this year I am determined to make it work for me.

I wanna be my idea of a modern day housewife.
A modern day Suzie Homemaker.
'Till next time...

Inspirational Sundays

Sparked by my friend Bethany over at
Bunny Picnic

I'm really into ladybugs with this pregnancy
for the baby shower theme!

All photos found from Google Images

'Till next time... 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year!

I'm excited for this blog today. 
One of my New Years Goals for 2011 is to blog more. 
What better way to start off then on Day 1! Haha. 

I want to start off with the a little photo timeline from 2010.
But for me its going to be a little different. :)

About 18 weeks
Almost 20 weeks
21 weeks

As you can tell, I have grown a bit in these last few weeks.
Im really excited for my growing belly, 
as this is my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. 
I absolutely love the big belly!!
For a couple months at least, till i'm HUGE! Haha.

Well, I hope you enjoy my little timeline and post.
I'm off to tend to some house chores. FUN FUN!

'Till next time...