Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love thrift stores!!

I love some of the things that you can find at the thrift stores. Usually I like all of the cute vintage finds that you can find there. But about a week ago my mom found two things even better!!!

Look at what she scored. (not the best pictures, thank you cell phones!)

The price of the double stroller was $20 and the swing was $25 (selling on ebay for $125 still!! SCORE!!) The best part was....they were then 20% off!!! (DOUBLE SCORE!!)

My mom ended up paying around $35 for both! I actually REALLY like the swing. I love ocean themes!(so does the hubby and Little Miss) The stroller I could really care less what it looks like, its just one of the needed items if you have two little ones. But man, those things can be pricey!! I'm all for saving money when it comes to baby gear, and I am very proud of it! :)

'Till next time...

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