Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year!

I'm excited for this blog today. 
One of my New Years Goals for 2011 is to blog more. 
What better way to start off then on Day 1! Haha. 

I want to start off with the a little photo timeline from 2010.
But for me its going to be a little different. :)

About 18 weeks
Almost 20 weeks
21 weeks

As you can tell, I have grown a bit in these last few weeks.
Im really excited for my growing belly, 
as this is my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. 
I absolutely love the big belly!!
For a couple months at least, till i'm HUGE! Haha.

Well, I hope you enjoy my little timeline and post.
I'm off to tend to some house chores. FUN FUN!

'Till next time...

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